Missing Local Woman’s Family Appears on TV
On April 27, 2011, things changed for the Tuscaloosa community as hundreds of families and businesses were affected by a tornado that passed through the area. One of those families was that of Latoya Brown's. She still has not been found.
Let’s Cover Oklahoma
Donations and money continues to flow into the station. After giving almost $2000 and 4000 pounds of goods, you obviously aren't done with Oklahoma yet. Right now, Oklahoma is in desperate need of work gloves, coolers, and pop-up tents.
Here is station's conference room (we wanted a 'r…
An Elephant Never Forgets
There's a lot about April 27th, 2011 and the days that followed that I'll ever forget. The terror I felt while hiding with my two boys underneath my bathroom vanity, driving into work the next morning under a pink sky and the jagged landscape beneath it, and hearing calls for volunteers an…

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