Severe thunderstorms could impact West Alabama as early as 8pm tomorrow night according to the latest forecast from the National Weather Service in Birmingham. The graphics below are the latest timeline from the NWS. Note the threat for West Alabama could begin around 8am and continue through the night and into the morning hours.

NWS Birmingham
NWS Birmingham
NWS Birmingham

This weekend's severe weather threats include damaging winds, hail, and even isolated tornadoes. Our Chief Meteorologist James Spann outlines the threat in greater detail on his weather blog:

Wind gusts could knock down some trees and power lines in scattered pockets.

But, there is sufficient shear to support a few rotating updrafts and isolated short lived tornadoes within the line.

CALL TO ACTION: Since the severe weather risk will come during the “middle of the night”, be sure your NOAA Weather Radio is working properly with fresh batteries. Have your cell phones charged and be sure your warning app is properly programmed (good warning apps include MyWarn and iMap WeatherRadio).

I expect most of the warnings to be severe thunderstorm warnings late tomorrow night and early Sunday morning, but a tornado warning or two is possible as well. One of the keys to being safe during severe weather is simply being able to hear warnings. If you rely on outdoor warning sirens, you won’t have much hope of receiving them. A NOAA Weather Radio is the baseline, and a good smart phone app is also part of the plan.

We'll keep you updated with the latest forecasts as the weekend continues. Be sure that any holiday plans this weekend include staying weather-alert.