Nik Wallenda, tightrope walker/daredevil/crazy person crossed the Grand Canyon on a tightrope last night: without a harness, without a net, and on live television. I tried watching a few minutes of last night's 'Skywire' broadcast on the Discovery Channel, but I was too nervous for the guy to stand viewing for more than a few seconds at a time.

It was an amazing stunt--I watched Nik's crossing Niagara Falls last year--but DANG. I am petrified of heights. I literally felt sick to my stomach watching Nik on that tightrope. I was so scared he'd fall. In the end, I quit watching the stunt on TV and just tracked the "Skywire" trend on Twitter to see how the high-wire heroics were progressing. I couldn't bare to watch. (Also, Mad Men was on, and I wan't about to miss even one second of the season finale.)

Nik says his next stunt is going to be walking on a tightrope from the Chrysler Building to the Empire State Building in Manhattan. I say enough's enough, dude--you've crossed Niagara Falls and the Grand Canyon. You're good.