One of the biggest sports franchises in gaming has returned with the release of NCAA Football 14 by EA Sports on Tuesday, marking the first sign that college football will soon be back.

It also likely marks the beginning of a string of unproductive days following hours of binging on the XBOX or Playstation for some. Thousands of gamers all over the country picked a copy up at midnight and probably followed it with a least two hours of play. And as you're reading this, assume that an absurd amount of people have reached the 2016 or 2017 season in their dynasty.

As for the game itself, EA Sports put together a list of 101 reasons why you should own a copy. Honestly, does anyone actually check for upgraded features before buying the newest version? Who looked at that list and saw '16. David Pollack at halftime' or '11. South Alabama's debut' and decided that this game now lacks the authenticity you were looking for?

But Alabama fans won't argue with the ratings given to the two-time defending champion - Overall 99, Offense 99, Defense 99. I've played this game for years and can't remember a team that was perfect on paper before you began recruiting for it.

And in case you are one of those people I previously mentioned, South Alabama's rating looks like this - Overall 68, Offense 67, Defense 70.

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