When you've reached the level of success the Crimson Tide football is currently enjoying, a two-loss finish to a season calls for special motivation. A picture circulating online Monday shows the poster that's hanging inside the Alabama locker room reminding players of the losses to Auburn and Oklahoma that ended a season. 

There's nothing subtle about the design. The poster includes the scores of the Iron Bowl and Sugar Bowl with the following text pictured on top of a Sooners football player celebrating:

If you continue to do the same thing that you have always done you will get the same result. Guaranteed. 0-2


Keep in mind that the 2013 season was one play away from a third consecutive trip to the BCS National Championship Game. Coaches have apparently felt the need to kickstart the offseason with this reminder, but this has happened before. If you remember, posters were hung after the 2010 Iron Bowl loss and last offseason featured the loss to Johnny Football and the Aggies playing on a loop.


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