Krispy Kreme is a family owned company, which includes the fifth and third generation of the Smith family. They still believe in the Krispy Kreme image of being an All-American product with All-American values and giving back to the community. They were founded in 1960 by T. W. (now deceased) and Frances Smith (Frances, now 84 years old). Krispy Kreme offers  a #1 product that still brings excitement to the Tuscaloosa community after 53 years.

Motto: “Krispy Kreme, Hot Now & Anytime!”


Led by: Evan Smith
Why They’re Unique: This is truly a favorite family owned business! The Smith family shows the more you give to the community, the more you get back. On, April 27, 2011 Tuscaloosa, Al. was hit by an F4 tornado. This tornado went for 5 miles on the ground, devastating everything in its path. Krispy Kreme was one of the establishments on this path. Over a year later, Krispy Kreme has now re-opened in the Tuscaloosa/Northport communities. During the opening day and for weeks to follow, police had to direct traffic because of the long lines to enter Krispy Kreme. The Tuscaloosa community has truly profited from the  generosity of the Smith family!

They Can Answer Questions Relating to:

1. What does the HOT LIGHT mean? The glazed doughnuts are cooking and glazing on the conveyor belt ready to box.
2. Where do doughnut holes come from? In the old days handmade doughnuts had special metal cutters to give them a different look.
3. How did the doughnut get its name? When doughnuts were made they wuld put a nut in the center to give a special surprise and taste.

Meet The Expert

Third generation doughnut maker, Evan Smith, handles the day to day running of Krispy Kreme along with second generation uncle and fifth generation children. T. W. (now deceased) and Frances Smith started Krispy Kreme in 1960. Their three sons and two daughters followed them and came into the family business. Today Frances’ (now 84) grandchildren and great grandchildren have been added to the business.


Bring your class, sports team, Girl Scout troop, church class, etc. to Krispy Kreme for a tour demonstrating how Krispy Kreme Donuts are made.  Maybe they’ll even let you decorate your own doughnut  to take home.

Established in 1960, Krispy Kreme is now run by the fifth generation of the Smith Family, and still dedicated to the Tuscaloosa community.

Krispy Kreme and Alabama basketball. Is there a better combination?