There won't be a Cinderella story to share with the 2014 Jamaica Bobsled team at the Winter Olympics. As of today, the guys from the tropical island are in dead last place. They are 30th out of 30 teams. Hey man, don't worry, it will be alllright! The Jamaicans have their own theme song.

'The Bobsled Song’ celebrates Team Jamaica’s quest for gold. We all love an underdog and who would be a bigger underdog at bobsled than the guys from the Carribean? In the spirit of their homeland, let’s sing and dance to a jammin’ reggae beat, man. ‘The Bobsled Song’ will have you chair dancing around the office, man. You’ll feel like you playing an old school game with the video, man. Do you realize, while I type this, I’m talking out loud in my horrible island accent, man. Right

Here we go, the time has come for this epic race game of a video!

'The Bobsled Song'