Out of the darkness in Boston yesterday came tale after tale of onlookers and fellow Boston Marathon fans instinctively helping out the injured. One of the more powerful stories from the tragic day was a man named Carlos Arredondo, who you'll see wearing a distinctive cowboy hat in some of the more gruesome bombing photos.

Arrendondo's story is heartbreaking. According to The Daily Mail, his eldest son was killed in 2004 while serving in Afghanistan. His second son committed suicide after battling depression and drug addiction dealing with his brother's death. Arredondo, who's dealt with his own suicidal thoughts as a result, made the trip down to Boston from Maine to support a National Guardsman who dedicated his run to Arredondo's younger son.

When the first bomb detonated, Arrendondo found himself near the Boylston Street finish line and didn't hesitate to run towards the destruction. The Washington Post provides a detailed account of the moments that followed. It's truly a heroic sequence of events that re-confirms how caring and generous the majority of people can be.

To read about everything this man has been through in the past few years, it's overwhelmingly powerful to see that his experiences have led him to this moment of life-saving support and comfort for all of those suffering people. Listen to him describe the experience in the video below, which seems to be taken just minutes after he left the scene of the explosions. It's an incredible few minutes listening to him speak as he stands there shaking - a bloody American flag clutched in his hands.

Thank you Carlos Arredondo.