According to Tuscaloosa Police on Aug. 13, a notice was left for a resident at an address in the 2800 Block of 7th Avenue to cut his grass.

After a notice is left, the lawn must be cut within seven days to avoid a city citation for "Unlawful Growth of Vegetation."

Well, the homeowner contacted the police department and stated he needed additional time to cut the grass and was told he could have one extra week to cut it. As of Sept. 7, the grass still had still not been cut at that address. So, the homeowner was issued a citation.

After a citation or notice to cut the grass has been issued and seven days passes without the lawn getting mowed, the city turns it over to a contract to cut it.

The fines totaled $736 for the offending homeowner.

The Tuscaloosa Police Department encourages the public to keep grass cut to a reasonable height since it helps keep neighborhoods cleaner and safer. Unkempt yards affect the property value of surrounding homes.

So, be a kind neighbor and keep your grass cut.

If you don't have time, pay a neighborhood kid or a mowing service to get the job done.  Sure, it might cost $20 to $50, but it's a lot better than paying $736 for a city-assigned contractor to do the job.