Some things are ridiculous to me sometimes. If you sing gospel music you can’t be sexy and beautiful or wear a sexy dress. That sounds pretty ridiculous to me.

I’m referring to Erica Campbell of the Gospel Group Mary Mary.  Erica is getting a lot of flak about the dress she is wearing in a promotional photo.

Pastor Stacy Woods wrote on the American Preachers site. “Yes, you are a beautiful, curvy woman … but No ma’am you are singing the gospel of Jesus Christ,”

Of course this is nothing new. You better believe “Did you see what she had the nerve to walk up in church wearing” is echoed all over this great country every Sunday after every church service.

Now you can step up in church wearing a weave, false eyelashes, tons of make-up, and fancy jewelry but you better not being wearing a beautiful dress that and asset to your assets.

Check out the dress yourself. Click here.