More than 250 people entered our Million Dollar Bracket Challenge this year to compete against our staff and other listeners to try and win a brand new iPad. When the tournament championship came to an end on Monday, Larry Boshell of Cottondale became the outright winner.

Larry has been a huge Alabama fan his entire life and told us he might be showing his age when he named Reggie 'The Mule' King and Robert Horry as two of his favorite players of all-time.

Combine the fact that Larry got off to a lightning fast start (27 of the first 32 games correct) and the tournament was very unpredictable, he was able to secure the victory by having only one team out of the final four. And his winner, Florida, lost in the semifinals.

When asked how he planned to use the iPad, Larry answered, "Plans include sitting on the couch, snacking, and watching TV while playing with my iPad! Oh, the good life!"