'Tis the season to be jolly, but good golly watch out for the living, moving and screaming Christmas tree! Yes, the ingredients for an epic holiday prank played on unsuspecting faculty and students. It's a real scream of a tree. Fa, la, la... holla!

Let me explain, a Texas high school student is dressed up as lopsided Christmas tree. Charlie Brown's tree looks 10 times better than this thing.  Then, another student is ready with a camera. Enter the school faculty who think they are about record a warm and fuzzy greeting next to this mess of a tree.

Now, it's show time as we get to watch the tree scream and jump at people! Let me say, awesome reactions!  One lady even fights back with slaps (2:03 mark).  Another one of my favorites is the guy who is ready to climb up the wall because he is scared (1:48 mark).  Love it.

Well played Kilgore High School.