Alberta School Presents The Jungle Book
Earlier this week,  I got the news that my cousin,  Javion Watkins,  would be a star character in "The Jungle Book" play,  presented by the Alberta School of Performing Arts.  So,  I KNEW I would be going to see it,  but I didn't know how awe…
Outreach Program Presents Fishing Trip for Alabama Youth
Do you ever look at your child and say, "They have no idea how to have fun outside of a video game?" Do you remember jumping double dutch, playing freeze tag, going fishing, etc. and you want the same thing for your child? Sure there are numerous organizations that allow children t…
Authorities Search for Missing Tuscaloosa Woman
Have you seen this woman?  Porsha Hall, 23, has been missing since last week.
Porsha's mother, Charlotte Church, says she hasn't seen her daughter in over a week, which is unusual. She also believes her daughter to be in danger.
If you know of Ms...
Why You Should Register Now for the II5K
We're just a few days away from the Insane Inflatable 5K presented by Pepsi. If you've been thinking about signing up to run yet but haven't done so, don't hesitate. Not only do prices go up on April 1, but there are other advantages to early registration.
Events to Assist Home Owners This Week
Is purchasing your first home one of your major goals this year? Perhaps you've already owned a home but would like more information on the process for another purchase. Need help in avoiding foreclosure? If so, Tuscaloosa is filled with resources for area residents.
Bishop Plans 3-Day Burial
Anybody down for a weekend trip to Louisiana? Real talk, they better be GLAD my baby has a part in our Easter service this Sunday! A man of the cloth is said to be placing himself in Jesus's shoes, being placed in a tomb on Friday and being extracted on Sunday.

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