A large fire erupted from a commercial building in West Birmingham around 2:30pm on Tuesday afternoon (2/18). It is believed that a welding accident was the cause of the blaze at a auto repair shop. Reports say, everyone escaped safely without any injuries.

According to FOX 6 News: The two-alarm fire occurred at a building near Lomb Avenue and 15th Street. The building contains cars, oil, propane tanks, and other hazardous materials.

According to a report by ABC 33/40, Battalion Chief C.W. Mardis said:

A welding accident appears to be the cause of the fire at ABM Auto Parts on 15th Street West. Shortly after the blaze began, at least three propane cylinders exploded, destroying 16 vehicles inside the building.


Here are photos from the scene shared on Twitter.

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An aerial view of the fire:

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