The Birmingham NOAA Weather Radio transmitter is currently off the air and may not be back into service until May 3, 2014. The Birmingham NOAA Weather Radio transmitter currently serves portions of Tuscaloosa, Walker, and Bibb Counties in West Alabama as well as Shelby, Chilton, Coosa, St. Clair, and Blount Counties.

News of the outage is especially pertinent due to the threat of severe storms Monday (April 28) and Tuesday (April 29).

The National Weather Service in Birmingham released the following statement about the outage:

The Birmingham NOAA weather radio transmitter...broadcasting on a frequency of 162.550 off the air.

We are working with technicians to get it back up and running as soon as possible. is possible that it will not be back into service until on or about May 3rd. In the meantime...please tune to local media and commercial radio for the latest severe weather information. Backup noaa weather radio transmitters are:

Tuscaloosa...broadcasting on a frequency of 162.400 mhz...

Oneonta...broadcasting on a frequency of 162.425 mhz...

Anniston...broadcasting on a frequency of 162.475 mhz.

For detailed information on backup transmitters for your county...please go to our website at Keep in mind that not all backup transmitters will tone for your specific please stay weather aware during the outage.

Finally...certain weather radios will begin to beep constantly if a weekly test does not occur at least every 10 days.  The last weekly test occurred on April 19th.  This means that if the transmitter is not operational by April 29-30...certain weather radios will beep constantly until a weekly test can be conducted.

Thank you for your patience. We apologize for any inconvenience this outage may cause.

For more information about NOAA Weather Radio transmitters and the counties they serve, CLICK HERE.