While Syfy's recent high-profile genre adaptations have mined more recent hits like 'Legion' and '12 Monkeys,' the cable network will reach much further back for its latest TV-ready property. The millenium-old 'Beowulf' poem will next tell its classic tale as a potential Syfy TV series, but what magic can the latest adaptation conjure?

Via The Hollywood Reporter, we've learned that the latest incarnation of the titular hero will emerge from '1408' writer Matt Greenberg and Universal Cable productions as "an adaptation of the classic epic poem that further examines the hero's rise to power and his feud with the monster Grendel." Brian Hamilton, Michael Chechik, Matt Greenberg, Andrew Cosby and Paulo de Oliveira are all on board to executive produce.

Dating back as early as the 8th century, 'Beowulf' was perhaps most famously brought to live as an animated Robert Zemeckis feature starring Ray Winstone, Angelina Jolie, Robin Wright, John Malkovich and Anthony Hopkins, grossing upwards of $191 million worldwide. Other adaptations have included Syfy's own 2007 feature 'Grendel' and 2005's Gerard Butler-starring 'Beowulf & Grendel.'

Well, what do you think? Would Beowulf make for an intriguing live-action TV series, or should Syfy star looking toward more original properties? Give us your thoughts on a 'Beowulf' TV series in the comments!