Batkid has returned to 'strike' again! This time, our little masked hero made a special appearance at the San Francisco Giants home opener on Tuesday (4/8).

It's the feel good story that continues to deliver smiles! Last November, the world fell in love with the little guy as he saved the world by foiling the Joker's plot and locking up the Riddler. The Make A Wish comic book style staged event went viral and the Batkid became an instant celebrity.

If you don't know, his name is Miles Scott and he's a cancer surviving 5-year-old boy, who is currently in remission. Take a look at the Tweeted photo of the first pitch being tossed out, for a strike I'm sure!

Naturally, there needs to be an awesome entrance in the Batmobile, as seen in this video.

Let's flashback to where it all started for Batkid...