I have seasonal allergies. Like ridiculosly bad seasonal allergies. I'm 99.999% sure I have a sinus infection, and right now I hate everyone and everything that ever existed (except for my family, my Neti-Pot, and Jon Hamm). TL; DR: AIN'T FEELIN' IT TODAY. But how do I manage to look like a normal person and not a red-nosed, puffy-eyed Sudafed tweaker? Check out my best beauty tips for allergy season!

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    Rhoto Ice Eye Drops

    If you're like me, pollen season means your eyes are red and itchy as all get out. Get serious relief when you bring in the BIG GUNS: Rhoto Ice Eye Drops. They soothe irritation and ease allergy symptoms. [BAD PUN ALERT] Here's the cool part: these bad boys provide a unique cooling sensation. They make your eyeballs feel cold, which is super weird for a few seconds, but then you realize what sweet, glorious relief it is.

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    Garnier Youthful Radiance Caffeine Roll-On

    We've got our blood-shot, itchy eyeballs calmed down, but what about the puffiness around them? Use Garnier's Youthful Radiance Caffiene Roll-On to tone your peepers down from Stay-Puft to normal human being. It couldn't be easier: you just roll this stuff underneath your eyes. It's available in a tinted form, too, which will help to cover eye circles if you don't feel like rocking your regular routine.

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    Nivea Creme

    Now it's time to calm your skin. High pollen counts make my nose look like a light-up prop from a Rankin-Bass claymation special, so I have to take special care to soothe my red nose. I use Nivea Creme. I apply a layer at night (and just let it do its hydrating thang), and I also apply a thin layer to my nose and the surrounding areas before I put on any makeup. I carry a tin of Nivea Creme with me for reapplication throughout the day; I need it, as I'm sneezing and/or blowing my nose a thousand times a day.

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    BB Cream

    I woke up this morning and felt like an extra on The Walking Dead. My head was pounding, my sinuses felt like they were going to explode, and I was certain this was no time for makeup. After I'd been up for a few minutes I started to feel normal again and decided to put my face on--just a quick application of my favorite BB cream to hydrate and even out my skin tone.

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    I tend to lose all my color when I am sick. I don't want to look like a member of the Cullen family, so I make sure my cheeks and lips get a little sumptin'-sumptin'. I apply Benetint to the apples of my cheeks and on my lips for a quick boost of color. This red stain gives me just the right amount of flush on my cheeks, and it doubles as a lip stain. When I am in The Seventh Circle of Allergy Hell, there's nothing I appreciate more than a multi-tasker.

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    I don't even fool with eyeshadow or eye liner or even tame my brows when I feel bad. I just don't have the energy. I will always make time for a quick coat or two of mascara, as nothing else works better to conceal tired eyes. One coat of a good mascara can make all the difference in the world, girls. I could pass for a functioning human being right now thanks to mine.

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    Is Carmex kind of gross? Yes. Does it work? YES. This balm is intended for cold sores, but I use it any time I have a stuffy nose. Its scent helps to open up stuffy nasal passages, so it's like Vapo-Rub for your face, which is way rad. If my sinuses feel like they're filled with concrete, I'll apply a thin coat to the skin just above my lip for added relief. Carmex is an allergy girl's BFF.