Another week, another Sports Illustrated cover for the Crimson Tide.

The newest issue features week one all-purpose star Christion Jones, who was named the Walter Camp offensive player of the week after scoring on a punt return, kickoff return and pass reception.

The caption on the cover says 'Can Anyone Roll the Tide' and features a story by Lars Anderson with an eight-step guide to preventing a three-peat. It appears this is the story that Anderson was referencing on Twitter Sunday, which should calm any anxiety experienced by Bama fans.

In the story, Anderson talks to anonymous ex-Alabama staff members and players, most of which told him that Alabama would lose at least once in 2013. There's not a lot of earth-shattering information from the one quote SI released.

"You have to play a near-perfect game, but they have some vulnerable points," says a coach. "This giant can be slayed."

If anything, this is another compliment to the Alabama program.

Sports Illustrated