The 3rd Annual Fierce and Fabulous Fashion Show was held at Tuscaloosa's Bama Theater yesterday afternoon, and the event was a total success! Everyone at Townsquare Media had an incredible time working with our amazing sponsors and beautiful models, and we wanted to take a moment to express our thanks for their help in making the Fierce and Fabulous Fashion show both fierce AND fabulous!

See photos from yesterday's show HERE!

First, a HUGE thank you to our sponsors: Magical Moments Formal Attire, Christy's Ladies Apparel and Gift Boutique, and Bodyworks Tanning and Salon. Our sponsors worked tirelessly to make this year's show as awesome as it could be--from selecting the outfits, styling the models, choreographing the routines, and spending hours in rehearsal--as Tim Gunn would say, they MADE IT WORK!

Our models looked incredible yesterday due to the hard work of Bodyworks Tanning and Salon's incredible group of stylists. Thank you to Wade Bransfield, Courtney Stevens, and Sierra Scott. We'd also like to thank Salon Serenity's Mallory Tally for her work as well as Jessica Adams, Teresa Hamilton, and our volunteers from Shelton State's Hair Design Program.

Thank you to the Velvet Blue Orchestra, Tuscaloosa County High School's Jazz Band. They, under the direction of Mike Guzman, played a selection of songs that were performed flawlessly. It was such a treat to hear this group of talented musicians play!

Our models yesterday were amazing! They rocked the runway and are the reason the Fierce and Fabulous Fashion Show was a success. We're listing our models below; take a moment to recognize each of these students for their hard work and serious runway skills!

Representing Christy's Ladies Apparel and Gift Boutique

  • Hannah Dyer
  • Macy Massengale
  • Kaitlyn Booth
  • Morgan Sanders
  • Logan Harper
  • Johnathan Gore
  • Vivian Maddox
  • Victoria Tingle
  • Terrance Lucas
  • Jessica Boyd
  • Grace Perkins
  • Brittani Sullivan
  • Brooke Butler
  • Ashlee Austin
  • Cheryl Calhoun
  • Leslie Andress
  • Savannah Rye
  • Evie Sims
  • Kaylee Brooke Lay
  • Hannah Adams
  • Emily McKnight
  • Karlee Barger
  • Victoria Avery
  • Savannah Donner
  • Kasey Rice
  • Jasmine Avery-McGuire

Representing Magical Moments Formal Attire

  • Lucy Hopkins
  • Allie Kathryn Green
  • Emma Allen
  • Madison Patterson
  • Anna Ryan Greer
  • Graceson Pugh
  • Carson Grace Tidmore
  • Stella Logan
  • Madelyn Clary
  • Alex Green
  • Anna-Cae Fuller
  • Brittney Fitch
  • Maddie Sharp
  • Kaylee Belluw
  • Samantha Wright
  • Chelsea Crawford
  • Anna Marie Quigley
  • Carrington Kelley
  • Jordan Pugh
  • Ashlyn Boyd
  • Evie Simmons
  • Alexander Ramos
  • Nikki Poole
  • Kassidy Yawn
  • Anna Kidwell
  • Racheal Watts
  • Peyton Allen
  • Riley Anna Jones
  • Abby Smith
  • Kyle Neighbors
  • Caroline Lewis
  • Victoria Jones
  • Brooke Rodenberry
  • Janna Meeks
  • Syndney Moore
  • Victoria McLemore
  • Madison Clary
  • John Cole
  • Haley Grace Hunnicutt
  • Dalton Hodo
  • Angel Oswalt

And a special thanks to the reigning Miss Tucaloosa, Cassidy Jacks, who joined the show yesterday! Thank you to everyone who made this year's event a success!

And a HUGE thank you to Wade at Bodyworks Tanning and Salon and Christy from Christy's Ladies Apparel and Boutique--Wade cut, colored and styled my hair for the show, and Christy provided me with this gorgeous dress! I was the MC for the show, and I felt just as pretty as a model thanks to Wade and Christy. Thanks again, y'all! You rock--- xoxo, Meg